Holguín is the name of a province located in the eastern region of Cuba. When the Admiral Christopher Columbus landed in Bariay in 1492, he was amazed with the immense beauty of the place. However, the city was not established until the 18th century when Gibara became one of the main ports in the eastern region. Hence, Holguín became a municipality with some tobacco plantations and sugar industries.
The province is also the birthplace of Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban Revolution. The family house in Birán turned into a museum open to guided visits.
Nowadays the region is a beautiful destination, also known as “the city of the squares” and famous for being a very clean urban area and a quiet place. Another distinctive feature is the beauty of the beaches, which makes it a growing touristic venue.

Holguín, the capital city of the province, has some facilities that will allow the visitor to enjoy some comfort and luxe. The province also offers some resorts and hotels that are idyllic for either a sojourn in the center of the city or in a sun and beach getaway.
Some typical lodgment alternatives are bed and breakfast accommodations. Indeed, householders had found innovative ways to settle all the amenities you are looking for in a “casa particular”.

What to do in Holguín?
The city is a prominent example of a place exposing the evolution of 300 years in architecture. During a walking tour, you will enjoy magnificent squares, churches and monuments, such as the Cathedral San Isidoro or Calixto García square.
On the other hand, you should not miss La Loma de la Cruz, a hill that offers the perfect spot for sightseeing the area. The place is a high peak, located 261 meters above sea level, that has become a symbol of the city.
Additionally, Holguín offers some venues for archeology lovers. The city of Banes is considered the archeological capital of the country; it shows Chorro de Maita a site of international relevance in the field. Moreover, nature lovers can stop by the natural park Bahía de Naranjo; the area hosts five small cays with a river, a lake and some facilities for travelers.
The province is also famous for its touristic beach destinations, that are also renown thanks to the high quality of their resort complexes. Even if the most mentioned is Guardalavaca for its undeniable charms, it is also worth to notice Playa Esmeralda and Playa Pesquero, that are equally gorgeous.
A not to miss point, is Gibara, a small village with a great history of itself. The port was one of the most important in the Island during the colony. Nowadays, the Low Budget Film Festival, put the destination back in the map.

The province has the International Airport Frank País, that also handles domestic flights. Besides, the area is reachable by land. The visitor can stop by during a trip to the eastern part of the country or can take a taxi, a bus or a rental car.