Havana is the Capital city of the country and it is home of over 2 million inhabitants. The city is somehow considered a controversial place. It may be “sublimely tawdry yet stubbornly graceful”. It was founded in 1519 by Spaniards, who named it San Cristóbal de la Habana. Throughout the years, it became the center of the world, visited by a lot of important personalities. Still, it is full of legends, traditions and history. When going in a panoramic tour, one can notice a clear timeline that represents the different epochs the city witnessed. Furthermore, you may walk around to find people fishing at the Malecón or some kids playing in the streets. It is the only way you can really enjoy the experience of visiting Cuba.

There are offers that vary in prices, services and locations. The range of alternatives goes from the most authentic to the most emblematic.
First of all, let us make a small pause at the Hotels in Havana. They definitely meet the expectations of really demanding clients. One may enjoy luxury, glamour, and a very fine taste; or a more standard service, for those who find beauty in simplicity.
In contrast, staying at a “casa particular” will be an adventure. Some householders have gotten really innovative ideas to give clients an excellence in service; while others will bring you closer to the Cuban day-to-day life. Still, you will feel truly comfortable, surrounded by friendly people.
Moreover, your accommodation choice can either get you in the rush of the city, delight you with the great comfort of an apartment from 1950s, or just set you at a peaceful getaway.

What to do in Havana?
Once you wander around Old Havana, you will notice that Spaniards left a mark in both, history and architecture. Honestly, it is more about emotions than leisure. You will be enchanted to interact with some icons of the Cuban traditions, while listening to Cuban music at every bar or restaurant. Coupled with this journey, you should visit the modern part of the city. It will show you quite the opposite sense. The region once saw the upsurge of the Cuban bourgeoisie; hence it shows magnificent high buildings and monuments.
No doubt, nightlife in Havana can be quite exhilarating. Undeniably, its people and its atmosphere, along with its gorgeous night views will complement your experience.

The place is one of the most accessible points in Cuba. The city has an International Airport that handles domestic flights as well. In like manner, there is land transportation available to get to Havana.