Certainly, Cienfuegos is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba, hence its byname The Pearl of the South (la Perla del Sur). Don Luis D'Clouet, a French immigrant, founded the village in 1819; consequently, the city resembles the 19th century France. Up to this day, the architecture of the colonial area is so well preserved, that it is considered Heritage of Humanity.
Moreover, Cienfuegos is open to the Caribbean Sea through its bay, la Bahía de Jagua. The panoramic view is a majestic contrast of colors; turquoise waters, green nature and the quaint village landscape.

Cienfuegos offers to the visitor a wide range of accommodation options. The alternatives vary according to the location and interest of clients.
For instance, the city is the best place to stay in a classic style hotel for those with taste for the arts and architecture. Additionally, you can settle in a more modern facility downtown or even choose to stay away from the rush of the cities.
Another lodgment option is the “casa particular”, a very good alternative in case you want to spend some quality time around a Cuban family. These bed and breakfast accommodations provide clients with great comfort while exposing the local authenticity.

What to do in Cienfuegos?
One of the distinctive features of Cienfuegos are the impeccable streets and open-air places, plus its people is famous for being well-educated. No wonder why the visitor immediately falls in love with the place.
First of all, the city was built based on a French style, that is still preserved in the colonial area. We highly recommend to walk throughout its boulevard to be delighted by its gorgeous architecture. This unique style is shown in monuments, parks, sculptures, churches and the city theater. To mention a classic example, El Palacio de Valle is a one in a kind mansion that gathers several architecture styles in only one building.
Since the city is located in the coastline, the beach may be a good choice. You can make a stop by Rancho Luna; in case you need some time for enjoying the tropical sun. The place is located 18 kilometers away from the city and offers some activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.
The city is also excellent for activities to interact with nature at some almost virgin venues, such as El Nicho or Laguna de Guanaroca. In both cases, the visitor will observe a vast vegetation and wild animals, such as flamingos and other birds.

Cienfuegos has an international airport service, but it is also accessible by land. So, travelers can visit the place by bus, taxi or in a rental car.