When travelling to the eastern part of Cuba we find, at the province of Guantánamo, the most ancient village of Cuba: Baracoa. When the Spanish conquerors took over the Island, they founded Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Baracoa in 1511. According to the aboriginal dialect, the name of the city means “the presence of the sea”.
The village is distinguished by local authenticity, legends and history. Additionally, its narrow streets host diverse European architecture styles that would offer a memorable journey through time.
Additionally, among the distinctive features of Baracoa are the coastline, the rivers, the mountains and its wonderful local cuisine.

Even if Baracoa is a highly touristic destination, you should take aside the taste for big luxurious resorts. Most accommodation facilities are designed to show you the opulence of the colony years. Yet, whether your choice is to stay at a city hotel or a “casa particular”, you will feel a warm hosting service and live the most autochthonous traditions of the village.

What to do in Baracoa?
No doubt, attractions in Baracoa may be divided into three main branches: architecture, nature and cuisine.

In spite of being the first city built in Cuba, the village preserves, almost intact, its cultural legacy in terms of architecture. Baracoa is the only city in Cuba where the design of the original “colony village” remains untouched. In a walking tour, you will find old manors and fortresses that will represent a time traveling experience.
Baracoa is an excellent destination for nature lovers. First of all, its mountains offer the traveler a great opportunity for adventure. One of the most notorious is El Yunque, a place with a vast vegetation that also homes some authentic species. For example, there are large populations of endemic and harmless animals such as polimitas (considered the most beautiful snails in the world), and it is also one of the few places where you could see the tocororo (a Cuban symbol). On the other hand, there are some archeological places to visit. This is one of the few locations where you can find aboriginal traces such as original burial centers, potteries and pictographs.
In the same way Baracoa is a destination for nature lovers, it is a paradise for foodies. All over the world, the city is famous for its “cucuruchos” and the cacao. Undoubtedly, you will not leave the city without giving them a try. Furthermore, the local cuisine differs from the typical Cuban food. It has a little something that makes a huge difference.

Baracoa is accessible by both, land and air. You can choose whether to come for a day trip or for a sojourn. Besides, it has also a small airport that only handles domestic flights.